Donation are Accepted and Appreciated

Donations helps us provide all the services that we bring and allows us to seek even more needed services.
Any amount is appreciated and will help us to advance and in return be able to give back.

We are few in a small company trying to serve all communities and support people jointly and individually. In some cases we have to reject given the help we so desperately want to because we just don’t have enough. If you look at our model. It is geared towards giving and helping people jointly or individually. We are not a non profit. However, we do not have much to profit with the exception of giving back. Our fees for just about everything is kept to a minimum making our profits almost impossible, so that more people can be able to have an advantage of being apart of what we are doing.

A donation may give someone a membership for a year, or it may help hire more people to provide better services or even help us move in a direction of having even better technology bringing even more stability. I ask if you like and support what we are doing and want to see us grow and continue to give back With any amount that is given it will go to a good cause of our choosing and we greatly appreciate your help.

For amounts exceeding $100 you will be place on the wall of honor for everyone to know the support you have given.

WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT – click on the heart to make a donation